You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to take care of yourself.

You deserve to be loved and love yourself. 

You deserve to recover.

You deserve to live. 


gentle reminder: dealing with mental health difficulties is not a sign of weakness; surviving them is a sign of strength. we don’t talk about pain to talk about pain; we talk about pain to talk about healing. asking for help (&/or asking for attention) is not immature or petty. struggle is not shameful.


i have to continue to remind myself that i am not as bad as i think i am.

i am more than what i can conceive of myself right now.

i’m changing, improving, even though i don’t feel like it. 

i am not a bad person, and i do not deserve bad treatment.


your post made me feel better too,I always feel like kind of a bitch when I’m going out with someone because at some point I’ll just decide I’m feeling crowded and it’s just ‘ok not cute anymore leave me alone’ and I can’t really explain that to them

yes that’s exactly it! and they didn’t even do anything wrong so I feel bad breaking up with them but it gets to a point where it’s like, you need to mercy break up with them bc you’re treating them like crap right now

it happened to me some times,I guess if you think too much about someone you end up thinking about their flaws too and they may start seeming bigger and bigger

Thanks, this helps a bit but I can’t help but think that this is a huge problem for me? I don’t do this when it comes to anyone I care about platonically, it’s only when I have a romantic or sexual(???) relationship with someone that I’ll do this and I feel like it’s probably some deep emotional problem but I can’t imagine why I would do that considering I’ve never been hurt by a guy or anything like that? I dunno. it’s 4am and I’m unloading too much unto my tumblr frans I’m sorry. Thanks for this though it did make me feel better to know that other people do this!

If I have too much time to think about a boy, I’ll start to hate him and think everything about him is annoying, even if I thought he was perfect before and can’t actually name any specific thing about him that’s annoying or bad. I don’t even know how it starts, but one day I think you’re amazing and the next I’m like, “GOD just shut UP ALREADY” and you’ll be talking about something completely normal and non-threatening but I just HATE IT


Sometimes CAH hits too close to home.




Artist Jay Shells channeled his love of hip hop music and his uncanny sign-making skills towards a brand new project: “Rap Quotes.” For this ongoing project, Shells created official-looking street signs quoting famous rap lyrics that shout out specific street corners and locations.

—cuz it gives me black power feels..


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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image


A muggleborn and pureblood couple having their first child and the pureblood not knowing about ultrasounds so they don’t understand why their partner is dragging them to a muggle doctor until they get there and suddenly they see a physical picture of their newborn child and hear it’s little heartbeat and it’s better than any magic they’ve ever seen.

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